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Our body has the amazing ability to heal itself when nourished properly

In 1890, Dr. Beijernick from Holland discovered one of the amazing discovery on earth. A micro algae which the size is approximately 2-8 microns. A size almost the same with that of a human blood cell.

The same discovery prompted famous research organization to sponsor the study. It was first pioneered by Stanford Research Institute in 1948, followed by Carnegie Research group in 1950 and Rockefeller foundation in 1951. Tokugawa Biological Institute follow suit with the research endeavor and by numerous group to mention. The said micro algae composed of nutritionally balanced vitamins, minerals and amino acids. It was touted as the most nutritious food on earth ever discovered in the history of mankind. Scientist in the field of nutritional studies titled it as the SUPER FOOD!

The Super food contains the highest chlorophyll among all plants ever existed on earth. A very powerful immune system builder and has the ability to clean the bloodstream. It is very prominent and duly recognized by the pharmaceuticals as the only source of CGF or chlorella growth factor.

About Chlorella

Primer on Chlorella

The following are the most commonly asked questions regarding this revolutionary food supplement, Chlorella, which is promoted locally in the Philippines by TJ Wellness Wealth Enterprises. They have been culled from reliable and respected health practitioners and could be verified from other foreign and local sources easily available online.

In the light of developments in the government's costly health insurance program, an affordable and dependable alternative way through preventive proper diet and natural healthful lifestyle would be the most obvious step toward maintaining happy and fulfilling lives for many citizens.

Please take the time then to ponder upon these essential principles of attaining health and longevity which would also give you the opportunity to engage in a profitable home-based business. We do not need to be licensed doctors to appreciate how our bodies work (and to earn at the same time) and how we can keep them at optimal functioning levels. As long as we use and maintain a car properly, it will run for years without major repair by a mechanic. So it is with our bodies. The more we know how our body operates, the more we can help it serve us for many long years.

And this we will do by the grace of our loving Creator.

Questions about Chlorella

Q: What is “Chlorella”?

A: Chlorella is a single-celled fresh-water, microscopic alga, measuring between 2 and 8 microns in diameter (1 micron is 1,000th of 1 millimeter). Chlorella cells are round in shape and almost the same size as human red blood corpuscles.

Q: Is Chlorella medicine or food?

A: Chlorella is classified as food and, as such, will not interfere with medication or interact harmfully with other food supplements. As the old maxim states (“Let your food be your medicine”), we can consider it as food that provides defense or cure for many life-threatening as well as minor diseases.

Q: Who use Chlorella?

A: More than 10 million Japanese use Chlorella as food supplement. It is the best-selling supplement in Japan. Other people in many countries have also discovered the benefits of Chlorella.

Q: What are the benefits of using Chlorella?

A: It is a rich source of nutrients which ensures us of all our dietary needs. Fatigue and mental depression, which are so common today, are signals from the body that something is wrong. Chlorella serves as an overall health and immune booster to encourage and maintain good health.

Q: How does Chlorella promote good health?

A: Chlorella nourishes and revitalizes the cells of your body by providing more chlorophyll than any other plant, plus 18 amino acids, a variety of crucial minerals like iron, iodine, and zinc, essential fatty acids and beta-carotene.

Q: What guarantee do we have that these claims about Chlorella are true?

A: Dr. Bernard Jensen, nutritional expert and author of Chlorella: Gem of the Orient, said: “Chlorella is possibly the most thoroughly researched food of our times, with thousands of research papers, from many universities and medical schools.” Numerous studies in Germany, the United States, Israel, England, China and Japan clinically document that Chlorella can do the following:

Q: Is Chlorella effective for cleansing?

A: Chlorella declogs or cleanses our organs of toxins that we ingest or inhale from the devitalized food we eat and the polluted air we breathe.

Q: What observable changes will we feel and notice when we use Chlorella?

A: So many users have proven Chlorella to attain daily energy and vitality that they previously thought was not possible. A detoxified, well-nourished body can adequately withstand stress and sustain a great sense of calmness and confidence.

Q: Is there a specific proof that Chlorella promotes natural balance in the body?

A: Chlorella is paradoxical in the sense that it cures both constipation and diarrhea, two ailments that have opposite symptoms. The fact that it relives both shows that it addresses the body's ability to function in the natural way.

Q: How does Chlorella manage to control our weight?

A: Many people who take Chlorella are delighted to discover that they effortlessly shed excess pounds, because Chlorella stops their unhealthy cravings and stimulates their metabolism. However, if your body needs to hold on to its fat and resist losing weight, Chlorella will help it do exactly that. A study of 971 sailors who endured a long, grueling tropical sea voyage showed that the 458 sailors who took Chlorella maintained a healthy body weight, while those in the control group experienced serious weight loss. (It's also interesting to note that the sailors who took Chlorella had 26.5% less colds.)

Q: If it is so effective, how come we hear of Chlorella only now?

A: In recent years, Chlorella has become increasingly popular in the United States. But Chlorella is hardly a passing fad. It has been around for 2.5 billion years! In fact, Chlorella is the oldest living organism on Earth. It has survived in exactly this same form since the Pre-Cambrian period, and is the first life form on earth to have a true nucleus.

Q: How did Chlorella survive for so long?

A: Chlorella has a tough cell wall that is almost unbreakable. Hence, it can remain alive even under harsh conditions. Likewise, each cell replicates itself into four cells in 17 to 24 hours. With these two abilities, Chlorella can outlast and out-produce most living organisms.

Q: Why does Chlorella have a thick wall or membrane? Is it of any other practical use other than survival?

A: Chlorella utilizes its thick wall to attract heavy metals, toxins and pesticides and carry them away and out of the body.

Q: Exactly how does Chlorella rejuvenate the body?

A: RNA and DNA, the driving forces behind Chlorella's rapid reproduction, can powerfully stimulate growth, renewal and repair in humans. These nucleic acids, which can slow the aging process, are found in higher concentrations in Chlorella than in any other known food.

Q: Why is Chlorella called a “whole food”?

A: Because we eat it in its entirely as a whole organism, unlike fish or chicken whose meat only we eat and not the bones, hair, eyes or scales.

Q: But we eat whole fruits, whole nuts and whole lettuces. What's the difference?

A: We don't eat the apple or orange tree's leaves or branches. We don't eat the roots of vegetables. As a self-sufficient organism, Chlorella contains and offers to humans all of its life force through its vital nutrients.

Q: Why is Chlorella green?

A: Chlorella is rich in chlorophyll, which gives Chlorella its deep green color. Chlorella has more chlorophyll per gram that any other plant. Chlorella contains five to ten times more chlorophyll than spirulina, wheatgrass or barley grass.

Q: What is chlorophyll?

A: Known as the life blood of plants, chlorophyll is superior blood-builder, an extraordinary healer of wounds, and according to the late Dr. Bernard Jensen, “the greatest natural cleansing agent known to man.”

Q: Does Chlorella contain proteins?

A: Ounce per ounce, one gram of Chlorella gives you almost twice as much as soybean does and almost eight times as much as rice does. That's because Chlorella contains more that 50% protein, as well as 18 vitamins and minerals and a complete range of amino acids.

Q: What is Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF)?

A: At the core of Chlorella's healing powers is a unique chemical complex called Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF). All the elements within Chlorella's nucleus – peptides, proteins, nucleic acids, polysaccharides and beta-glutens – combine to form CGF, which is a dynamo of therapeutic activity. CGF stimulates growth in children, repairs damaged tissue and protects your cell from toxins. Research shows that CGF is manufactured during the most intense periods of photosynthesis, incorporating within its structure the healing energy of sunlight.

Q: Who discovered Chlorella and how was it developed as food for humans?

A: The first laboratory culture of Chlorella was developed in 1890 by a Dutch microbiologist named M.W. Beijerinck. In later decades, German scientists, intrigued by Chlorella's high protein content, explored ways to turn it into food. After World War II, scientist from the United States took over the German Research. A pilot study conducted at Stanford Research Institute proved decisively that Chlorella could be grown and harvested in large quantities.

In 1951, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Japanese government co-sponsored a major research project on Chlorella at the Kokugawa Biological Institute. Japan became the world pioneer in developing the technology to commercially produce Chlorella. The rousing success of the Japanese project caught the attention of both the American and Russian space programs, who studied Chlorella as an ideal food for long-term space travel and colonization.

Q: How is Chlorella produced or cultured today?

A: Chlorella is grown in purified fresh mineral water pools outside in the sunshine. After the algae reach maturity, their walls are broken down and they are spray-dried and packaged into powder form initially. Each step of the process is conducted with the highest standards of sterility, and monitored constantly with state-of-the-art technology to maintain purity.

Q: Why is Chlorella called a “superfood”?

A: Chlorella is literally brimming with health-giving properties that scientist around the world have nicknamed it “green gold”, “the green wonder”, and “gem of the orient.” Whatever you choose to call it, Chlorella is clearly a superfood, a plant teeming with vital nutrients unmatched in their ability to restore and revitalize your overall well-being.

Q: Who can take Chlorella?

A: Children, adults and the aged can take Chlorella to support all basic health needs of all age-groups. Because it can fine-tune our metabolism, Chlorella protects us from illness by regulating our digestion and slowing down the aging process.

Q: How does Chlorella stimulate the body's immune system?

A: There are four ways that Chlorella does this. First of all, as we age, our immune system ages, too. Beyond adolescence, the immune system gradually becomes slower and less efficient. The thymus gland is the major culprit. It gradually shrinks, producing less thymosin, a hormone essential to your immune system's T-cells. But the problem extends to all your cells, which as they grow older, become less adept at resisting infections. The solution is to nourish the body with nucleic acid.

Chlorella has the highest concentration of nucleic acids of any food in the world. According to the late Dr. Benjamin S. Frank, author of Dr. Frank's No Aging Diet, a leading cause of aging is the breakdown of nucleic acids. With Chlorella, you help to slow down the aging process that is diminishing your immune system.

Chlorella supplies your body with RNA, which is vital for producing the proteins that fight off infections, and DNA, which promotes healthy cell metabolism. Together, these health-giving nucleic acids work to delay the aging process and support the maximum capabilities of your immune system.

Q: What is the second solution?

A: According to an article published by the American Institute of Nutrition, “Malnutrition affects the structure and function of every tissue and physiologic system in the body, and the immune system is no exception. Protein-calorie malnutrition, or deficiencies of zinc, iron, selenium, pyridoxine and fatty acids, cause disruption in thymocyte-dependent cell-mediated immunity.”

Unfortunately, the standard family diet often falls short in delivering these vital nutrients. Even in affluent countries like the United States, surprising numbers of people suffer from protein deficiencies, because of bad eating habits and overly-processed food. Zinc, which is a key stimulant of the immune system, is also lacking, particularly in older people. Along with pyridoxine (Vitamin B-6), zinc enables your immune system to synthesize protein. Without healthy doses of all these nutrients, your immune system's troops are helpless when they face the enemy. The solution to this is to deliver nutritional firepower to your immune system needs.

Chlorella's weight is 50% protein. That gives it a starting advantage in protein content over rice (7% protein by weight) and soybeans (39% by weight). Taking Chlorella on a daily basis helps to insure that your immune system constantly gets the protein it requires.

Additionally, Chlorella contains zinc, pyridoxine(B-6), iron, and essential fatty acids. By taking Chlorella and supplying your body with adequate amounts of these important nutrients, you allow your immune system to operate at its peak. Your cellular weaponry will be stoked to seek out and destroy all dangerous intruders, be they bacteria, viruses, cancers, yeast, parasites, fungi or toxins.

Q: What is the third solution?

A: We live in a world of constant chemical and environmental assaults. Day after day, your immune system is forced to cope with air pollution, artificial additives and residual pesticides in your food, waste-contaminated water, fumes from household cleaners, asbestos and much more. These toxins burrow into your system and refuse to budge. As they build up, year after year, they seriously compromise your immune system. By breaking down your cellular defenses, these toxic invaders leave you exhausted and increasingly vulnerable to disease. The solution needed is to cleanse toxins from the body sand safely sweep them out.

Unlike spirulina or other “green products”, Chlorella has sticky cell walls which bind themselves to toxins, wrap them up and escort them out of the body. This unique, absolutely priceless ability means that toxic intruders, which could cause cancer and other diseases, are permanently removed from your body. One of the most important results of this cleansing is that your immune system is freed from the destructive impact of these toxins and can operate at higher capacity.

Q: What is the fourth solution?

A: As part of its normal functioning, your body uses oxygen. The by-products of this process are short-lived molecules called “free radicals”, which roam through your system, attacking cell membranes and genetic materials. Free radicals have been associated with cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer's and other serious diseases. Although they are created naturally in the body, they are also unleashed by sunlight, air pollution, smoke, alcohol and unsaturated fats. The immune system is greatly weakened by contact with free radicals and can sustain heavy blows in its ability to defeat disease. The way to fight back is through antioxidants, which have the power to neutralize free radicals. Unfortunately, most people don't get enough antioxidants in their diet, a problem which increases as they age. The solution then is to provide the body with antioxidants.

Antioxidants are well-known for their ability to fight free radicals. Chlorella contains a powerful arsenal of antioxidants. This makes Chlorella an astonishingly potent warrior against free radicals.

Chlorella contains an impressive six times more beta-carotene than spinach, an antioxidant renowned for its cancer-fighting abilities. Your body converts beta-carotene to Vitamin A and uses it to fortify cell membranes, so they can better resist enemy penetration. By nourishing your body with Chlorella's antioxidants, you help fend off the devastating damage of free radicals on your immune system and protect yourself from a host of serious diseases.

Q: Can Chlorella then prevent cancer?

A: The best way to prevent cancer is to cleanse toxins from your system, and short-circuit tumors before they get started. But if tumors are already secretly forming inside your body, Chlorella can provide essential support so that the immune system can more effectively combat the tumor.

In a study sponsored by the American Cancer Society, researchers at Yale and Seoul, Korea investigated chlorophyllin's effect against certain carcinogens. All the mice in the control group formed skin tumors. But the mice which had been pretreated with chlorophyllin had 42% fewer tumors and papillomas.

In a Japanese study, tumor mass disappeared in 50% of mice receiving Chlorella extract. In the control group, tumors progressed until all the mice died. Another study found a 66-100% inhibition in the spread of tumors in mice given a Chlorella extract 10 days before they were re-challenged with identical tumor cells. The mice which received the most concentrated doses of one of the most potent glycoproteins found in Chlorella extract were completely free of tumors.

Q: How does Chlorella inhibit tumor growth or make them disappear?

A: The answer seems to lie in its vigorous stimulation of the immune system. The scientist who conducted the Japanese study on tumor mass in mice reported that the Chlorella extract worked by enhancing the immune system's T-cell activity, and mobilizing those cells to infiltrate tumor sites.

These cancer-fighting properties can give you mighty protection against the daily barrage of chemicals in your food and drink. With a revved-up immune system, your body can activate the necessary cells to engulf and destroy carcinogens and stop tumors in their tracks.

Q: Can Chlorella also actively cure cancer?

A: Chlorella is at the forefront of cancer research and the subject of a growing mountain of scientific literature that confirms its cancer-fighting prowess. Chlorella protects you from cancer in a number of important ways. Its cell wall binds to pesticides and insecticides that may be lodged in your body, and safely sweeps them out. Its chlorophyll content effectively detoxifies a host of cancer-causing toxins. And its combination of nutrients strongly stimulates your immune system, enabling it to destroy cancer-causing cells and resist tumor growth. The proof is in the laboratory, where a stream of exciting data attests to Chlorella's cancer-beating gifts. In a study published in Drug and Chemical Toxicology, scientist led by Dr. Pore of West Virginia University, administered Chlorella to a group of rats injected with chlordecone, a harmful insecticide. The rats with Chlorella eliminated chloredecone from their system at more than twice the rate of the control group. The Chlorella passed through the gastrointestinal tract unharmed, interrupted the recirculation of the insecticide, and eliminated the bound chlordecone with the feces. This study supports research at the Fukuoka Institute for Health and Environment Sciences in Japan, where scientist successfully used chlorophyll to speed the elimination of dioxin from rats, a toxin often found in meat.

Of course, Chlorella doesn't just help rats. It helps people too. Dr. Ueda, of the Institute for Environmental Pollution Research in Japan, gave Chlorella to 30 patients suffering from exposure to the pesticide P.C.B. (Polychlorobiphenyl). Over a one year period, almost all patients experienced higher energy levels, achieved better digestion and normal bowel movements. Researchers at Oregon State University and the University of Hawaii have identified other carcinogens that chlorophyll can successfully vanquish. Among them is Aflatoxin B1. Cancer Research Journal of January 1995 reports that these findings have “important implications in intervention and dietary management of human cancer risks.” And a recent issue of carcinogenesis notes that chlorophyll inhibits formation of mutation by forming a chemical bonding with cancer-causing substances in meat, and suppressing a cancer-promoting enzyme.

Q: Can Chlorella also help against attacks by bacteria?

A: Of course, toxic chemicals aren't the only danger that can lurk in your food. Listeria is a food–borne bacteria that can be fatal, especially to people with weak immune systems, such as the elderly, pregnant women and babies. Although Listeria is killed by cooking and pasteurization, it can contaminate ready-to-eat meats after they are processed. Your salad might also be a source of these frightening bacteria, because manure from infected animals can spread it into the soil that your carrots grow in.

Fortunately, Chlorella boosts your immune system so that it can better fight off listeria. A control group of mice was not given Chlorella and infected with listeria. All the mice died. But an infected group given a Chlorella extract had a 20% to 55% survival rate, depending on the dose. The survival of the mice was attributed to increased activity of their immune system's natural killer-cells.

Q: How long does one need to take it to see results?

A: While some people see effects in just few days, 2-3 months may be needed to realize the full effect of its many benefits. Once the body has less toxic load the organs and glands can begin restoration towards optimal functioning. This can take even longer to realize full benefit of this. Thus, it can take even longer to realize all the benefits of taking Chlorella.

Q: What is the difference between Chlorella and spirulina or blue-green algae?

A: Spirulina and blue-green algae are actually not algae but cyanobacteria. Both are high in protein and vitamins but they lack the cell nucleus that characterizes Chlorella as a complete unicellular organism. Spirulina is cultivated like Chlorella but blue green algae grow wild in lakes and waterways, consuming whatever nutrients are in the water. Some species of cyanobacteria are toxic just like mushrooms and some land plants. Companies that harvest wild species of blue-green algae from natural lakes cannot have the same degree of control as growing Chlorella and harvesting wild algae presents a far greater risk of contamination by cyanobacteria toxins. Chlorella contains up to 10 times more chlorophyll than spirulina and up to 20 times more that blue green algae, making it a much superior detoxifier. Chlorella is also a more complete and higher quality source of protein and, of course, Chlorella is the only source of CGF which is responsible for many of its healing and anti-aging properties.

Q: Is Chlorella good for vegetarians?

A: It is excellent for vegetarians due to its B-12 content and wide range of amino acids, including all 8 essentials. These nutrients can sometimes be deficient in non-meat eaters.

Q: Is Chlorella good for athletes and bodybuilders?

A: Athletes tend to push themselves physically to the limit. This creates a great stress if proper nutrition is not there to support those demands. The high level of a wide range of amino acids ensures optimal healing and recovery to muscle tissue, joints and any other area of the body. Thus, plus Chlorella's overall nutritional food value, high levels of nucleic acids and CGF makes it a fantastic food supplement for all athletes.

Q: What is the best way to ensure digestibility with Chlorella's tough cell walls?

A: Every manufacturer of Chlorella claims to have a special cell-wall treatment to improve digestion. Most advanced producers today use super high-pressure jet spray drying which creates deep cracks in the cell walls, making the nutrients within available to us, but keeps them contained and intact within the cell walls until they are actually consumed. Others actually mill the Chlorella cell into very small fragments, therefore exposing the nutrients contained within Chlorella.